Unlike most cichlid retailers which breed for quantity, Colorful Cichlids is a small-scale operation focused on bringing unique vibrant African cichlids to the hobby. By having one breeding project at a time, we are able to engineer vivid cichlids with unparalleled characteristics. You will not see a fish from Colorful Cichlids with an imperfect body shape, bland colors, or juiced; common occurences in fish sold at big box stores as well as most "local fish stores." 

Colorful Cichlids are unique hybrid species designed to have bright eye-catching colors. With only 1-2 breeding projects per year, Colorful Cichlids normally does not have fish available for purchase. Currently, we expect to offer our newest species, the Lapis Blue OB (seen below) in Summer 2020.

We are not a fish "flipper", we only sell what we engineer and breed ourselves. 



Lapis Blue OB

Started in December, 2019, the newest creation to the Colorful Cichlids family is a hybrid line-bred from the two males shown above. By selecting the highest quality offspring of each fish and pairing them, Colorful Cichlids has engineered a fish with a tuscan yellow phenotype and vivid lapis blue blotches. 

The most recent batch of fry has bright purple blotches as well as a body color that is yellow with a purple hue. The purple is believed to be a product of the red found on the pearl ob male (right side (bottom on mobile)) and the blue found on the tuscan yellow ob (left side (top on mobile)).

We will continue to line breed these Colorful Cichlids, and plan to have young fish available in Summer 2020. See photographs below for updates on the current fry being produced.

*If interested in obtaining Lapis OB when available, please email ; no payment or commitment required*

Juvenile photographs from March 22, 2020. Keep checking back for updates to the Lapis OB project!